On April 8 we explored a new canyon in the territory of teulada, the canyon has no toponyms and the chosen name refers to the gorge of the nearby side, marked in maps as “Saltu de Malfidanu”. The canyon nicknamed “Saltu de Tuerredda” develops on the southern slope of monte pranedda in the municipal area of ​​Teulada. The mountain is a granite peak of 190mts overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, the famous beach of Tuerredda. The vegetation is sparse and consists mainly of mediterranean plants. The approach is 20 minutes with a difference in height of about +150.

Starting from the lay-by located just before the beach car park, proceed northwards following the ruins of a dry stone wall that bordered the property of a now vanished “furriadroxiu”(a tipical agri-pastoral house). Once the wall is finished, take an obvious path that climbs towards the NW, a rock above another one on a stony ground in the nw direction indicates the point where to climb and find the river bed. In a few minutes you get to the first vertical.


c30 obligatory left bank 

c4 left bank c4 left bank the two previous sc3 / c3 can be joined in c15 right bank

c15 right bank 

c15 left bank from here you can slide to the right bank

c10 left bank

Once the last descent is finished, a white road is intercepted on the right bank that takes you back to the cars in a few minutes.