Rio ‘e Forru

In the heart of the park of Gennargentu, in the greenest and most authentic Sardinia, the most inaccessible and wild treasures of Villanova Strisaili stand out: two naturalistic jewels that penetrate the terrestrial bowels, the gorges of Pirincanes and the falls of Rio ‘e Forru.

The mighty granite pinkish rock has been dug over the millennia by the waters of the stream, which descends from the slopes of the mountain and runs through a valley that has deeply marked over time. The gorge of Pirincanes is located about 700 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the Bruncu Cuxinadorgiu and forms pools of crystal clear water in the open air, called ‘Pools of the Giants’. They are surrounded by waterfalls, which foam and spread around a natural din. They perform jumps in succession, the highest of 15 meters. Here native species live, almost extinct in the other Sardinian torrents, the Sardinian trout and the Sardinian newt (or euprotto), characterized by a green and brownish camouflage mantle.

The eastern side of the Gennargentu massif, in the territory of Villagrande, offers unusual landscapes, for example the village of Villanova, lying along the banks of the Flumendosa Lake, amidst mountains that form a fairytale setting. Scenarios that can be visited through itineraries with thrilling views: vertiginous rocky walls, woods, Mediterranean scrub, juniper and broom species, rare animals such as mouflons and golden eagles, roaring with water that does not stop in front of any obstacle.

We will immediately arrive at the falls, a short sequence but full of breathtaking passages will lead us later in the bed of the Rio Calaresu and in 45 minutes to the cars.

A daring adventure touch in your Travel Diary, Go Canyoning Be Wild!

Technical Data:

  • Level: EASY

  • Duration: HALF DAY (about 4 hour)

  • Max. Vertical: 20 mt

What do you bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Closed Shoes (running/trek/sneckers)

  • Towel and sunscreen

Meeting data:

Exclusive Tour (2 pax)

€ 90 for person

Regular (3+ pax)

€ 70 for person