Inside the Pixinamanna State Forest we made the first descent of Rio Sa Cresia.
The Rio has an estimated water basin of about 1.5kmq and collects the waters that fall between Punta Sa Cresia (864m) and Punta S’olioni (854m).
Street Access
Once you arrive at the Technological Park of Pula (from ss 195 follow signs for “is molas”) and reach the forest barge wandering the river, continue on the road to the left of the first building where there is a white road with a wooden sign all ‘entrance. A little further ahead at S’Arcu Abruxiau, access is blocked by a bar (ask permission for the forests or park here). Continue straight until the first crossroads and turn left, after about 1500 meters you will find a sign indicating “pranedda” where you can see the entrance of a cart on the left, leaving the car (S’Acqua de Ferru).
Take the carriage to the left that runs along the Rio S’Acqua de Ferru. After about 500mt turn on a clear path to the right, signaled by a man, after a few minutes you reach the confluence of Rio Sa Cresia with Rio S’acqua and Ferru that immediately from us the idea of ​​the reach that we will find.
From the confluence rises for about 50 minutes and 200mt of altitude to find the ruins of “Casa Perda Suba de Pari” which we will leave to our left until we intercept shortly after the crest of Rio Sa Cresia. Follow the ghetto that recalls the Amazon jungle until it arrives at the first jump.
Before arriving at the actual attack there are 2 small C5-C7 skydiving cascades. It starts with a C15 (DX shaft) ending in a beautiful pond, followed by a C2 (dry skidable), a descender of a few meters leads to the C10 (DX shore tree), it is possible to descend by following the water that it is threaded into an anthrax to the base or avoids the flow while keeping it on the shore. Continue on the crest until you find the C30 (tree shaft SX) and then a C3 can be fitted on the shore SX (dry skidable) that leads us to a C15 (center boulder) skidable on shore SX. You continue to immerse yourself in an environment rich in waterfalls and water games until you find a C15 (tree shore SX) and successively a C6 rivaDX (dry skidable) that will shortly take you to the last C7 (tree shore SX). In 5 minutes you arrive at a beach where on the DX shore you find the return path (reported by the man) that will shortly bring us to the confluence with Rio S’Acqua Ferru and from here in 15 minutes to the cars.
CAUTION: The Canyon is under construction, we recommend descent only to experienced people and we do not recommend fixing fixed anchors.

Approaching: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Percorrenza: 3h
Difference in height: +280
Development: approximately 800m
Calate: 8 (5 mandatory)
Vertical max: 30mt
Return: 15 minutes

Explored on 5/12/2016
Appointed on 26/01/2017
Mau Mera – Guillaume H.