Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula, which literally means “waterfall”, is a fantastic jump into the Coxinas Creek, before arriving on the plain of Campidano, which is born on the plateau of its, about 700 meters s.l.m.

Along its route it descends through a long and narrow gorge between Mount Margiani and Mount Omo and plummets with 3 jumps, the last of about 30 meters, forming the famous “Sa Spendula”waterfall.
It is situated in a natural setting of great beauty, set among granite rocks and a lush vegetation of cysts and lentils.
The rainy season is certainly the most suitable for a visit, but if the winter was full of rains, there is no shortage of water, even during the summer season Sa Spendula can give you great sensations. Spendula is also included in the literary history thanks to the writer Gabriele D’Annunzio, who during a stay in Villacidro in 1882, dedicated a sonnet to her in the famous book Capitan Fracassa. It is the most famous and practiced tracking trail by enthusiasts, but also by the curious who, given the easy access to the path that overlooks the last waterfall, can admire those who fall in love with rope and cable cars.
We will walk along a small 15-minute trail that will take you directly to the Canyon, where the uninterrupted water flow over the years has dug and shaped the rock, creating a path full of waterfalls of various heights ending in natural pools , surrounded by a stunning granite amphitheater. Armed with mules, ropes, helmets and hooks, we will drown and drink in the most hidden meanders of Rio Coxinas, where we can admire the wild charm of nature around us.

An inevitable path in your travel journal, Go Canyoning, Be Wild!

Technical Data:

  • Level: Available Easy or Medium

  • Duration: HALF DAY (about 4 hours)

  • Max. Jump: 4mt (not obligatory)

What do you bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Closed Shoes (running/trek/sneckers)

  • Towel and sunscreen

Meeting data:

  • Cascata di Sa Spendula, Villacidro(SU), South West Sardinia,

  • Starting time: 9:30 am

  • Included: wetsuit, socks, complete harness, helmet, lifejacket* (*just if you don’t able to swim)


Regular is suitable for children from 14 years accompanied by an adult.


€ 40 *for person


€ 60 for person

*Easy version: vertcal max 5 mts, 4 descents, duration about 2:30.