On one of the many exploration days, we decided to go to the “quest for holes” in Ogliastra’s heels.
During classical perlustration, I found myself in a small clearing and was attracted by a mysterious force to a rock wall, where I found a blowing hole of about 1 meter (Eureka!) Diameter.
The hole was covered by some branches as the shepherds often do to protect the cattle. From the hole you could see the bottom at a depth of about 5 m and once removed some dangerous mass we dropped inside. We found ourselves in a fairly wide, unmanageable environment but we felt strongly the flow of air that came out. We started looking for air and on the right we found the source, but the passage to continue was too tight. The floor on our feet were made up of a pool of medium-large rocks easily removable so we started to dislocate them in a safe area. Soon after, we found bones that looked familiar, and in fact they revealed human bones, the body was whole and lay lumped under those stones from who knows how long. We took our eyes off the digging and near the cumulus of just sketched stones, we saw a gunshot, we came out and warned the competent authority. Once the formalities of rite have been made and the remains taken we resume our search for the air. Exactly beneath the deathbed of unlucky friend John we got access to the cave, a tall high enough to slip the helmet ending on a half-and-a-half vacuum. At my feet I had a very dirty muddy desert and rich in stones falling down to the void, the stack was able to illuminate the edge of the descendants and my moves dropped stones that made a sharp tune when they came to the bottom. I started arming with a nice pendulum that moved us from the vertical discharge of the stones, and I walked along the narrow vertical between two wide walls just over fifty centimeters, the descent seemed to never end. I came to a little terrace with a few meters of rope overboard, to my left I had a voyage of a few dozen meters while at my right I could walk “quietly”. I left the rope hanging over my shoulders and began to walk along the diaclase, jumping over the well and there was a large room in front of me with large stalactites hanging from the ceiling and others collapsing on the floor. I give way to the others and I started exploring the whole area, every step was the first one and as the cave revealed its secrets I felt more and more kidnapped by the environment around me. Once we all came down we began to detect the cave, the hours passed as the minutes but completed the work and brought it out in the sunlight.
A lot of friends contributed to the exploration of the “Brecca”, at each exit we took home one more piece to get the relief you see here below.
A Dediculous Thanksgiving to those who believed, continues to believe and support research and dissemination.
Every area of ​​the cave has been given a fantasy name, any references to existing or actual people actually happened is by no means casual.