Discover the wild side of Sardinia like a true explorer! Two days and one night, less comfort, more life!

The Wild Camp is an exclusive adventure experience, we will discover together how to organize an expedition, how to set up a tent, light the fire and prepare a hot meal after an experiential day!

What will we do in these two days in contact with nature?

  • You will learn the basics of canyoning
  • 1 ° medium level excursion
  • lunch
  • Forming field
  • Turning a fire
  • Recognition for edible plants
  • Finding and purifying water
  • Knots
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast and dismantling field
  • 2 ° easy level excursion
  • Lunch
  • Greetings

Into the moments in which more than all I felt this feeling those around the fire are rich in well-being and involvement. At night in the fields, or even not far from home, the fire lit had the power to change everything. With the fire lit and all dark around the stars you could see clearly, the noises and problems of the city could not be heard, and the smoke that blinded it did not give so much trouble then! It was not only synonymous with bivouac … Which in itself is not little … The joy of feeling free, of being carefree, of screaming and singing, feeling warm in your own wild community … But it was not only this, it was the sunset, the vigil to the stars, the imposing mountains. Around the fire you rediscover yourself as an individual and as a community. “No perfume is worth the smell of that fire.” Cit.

Technical data:

  • Level: Easy/Medium

  • Duration: 1night, 2 days

What do you bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Closed Shoes (running/trek/sneckers)

  • Towel and sunscreen

Meeting data:

  • Location available: South, South West, Central, Central East

  • Starting time: 9:30 am

  • Included:

    • Complete Canyoning equipment
    • Typical foods and drinks for 2 days
    • Accomodation, tent, sleeping bag
    • 2 torrent excursions

Exclusive Tour (2 pax)

€ 300*

Regular (3+ pax)

€ 200*


The Wild Camp is suitable for children from 16 years accompanied by an adult.


The SWC association membership card is available to purchase on-site.

The membership card has a one-time cost of €3 for both adults and children and is valid for one calendar year.