Spartientu is a Coasteering route among the oldest granite in the Mediterranean!

Sparientu takes its name from the same cape Spartivento promontory, which develops in the Chia coastal area. The promontory is of granite constitution, and its highest point is 66 meters s.l.m. To the east of the head lies the beautiful beach of Portu Simoni Gibudda, known as Cala Cipolla, surrounded by pine and junipers. To the west are the rocks called “The Pavilions” and the Isola Ferraglione.
A dirt road will lead us to an ancient Lighthouse built in 1854, is one of the oldest lighthouses in Sardinia that illuminates the way for sailors for over 160 years. From here, you continue on a trail that takes us five minutes to an old landing where we will start Coasteering!
The trail begins with a peculiar detail due to the unusual color of the underlying rocks, we continue on the rocks until we get to a small canyon, somewhat submerged, where it is possible to try diving from various heights, up to 15 meters for the most brave. Passing the first canyon, the rock formations will offer a panorama of remarkable size consisting of imposing cliffs overhanging a deep crystal clear sea, from now on will be a succession of stunning scenery, pink and gray granites wisely worked out by time will make us a background for all the journey always articulated by diving, swimming and climbing.
We will live together with one of the most fascinating stretches of the area, where crystal water, the smell of Mediterranean scrub and the maestrale blend to give you a fresh, fresh, dynamic and adrenaline adventure!
Immancable in Your Travel Diary, Go Coasteering Be Wild!

Technical Data:

  • Level: HARD

  • Duration: DAILY (about 6 hours)

  • Max. Jump: 15mt (not obligatory); minimum 3 mt jump required.

What do you bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Closed Shoes (running/trek/sneckers)

  • Towel and sunscreen

Meeting data:

  • Averskida, Viale Spartientu, Chia(CA), South Sardinia

  • Starting time: 9:30 am

  • Equipment Included

Exclusive Tour (2 pax)

€ 90 for person

Regular (3+ pax)

€ 70 for person


Spartientu is suitable for children from 16 years accompanied by an adult.