Bau Alase

Bau Alase is the wilder Canyon in the heart of Sardinia!

Bau Alase is one of several streams that feed the Flumendosa (the most important sardinia’s river) by first pouring the water into the more important Rio Gerdesi, born in the western side of Punta Cugnada from the area called Onistri rich in springs and where still today are visible “neviere”, snow deposits perennial that before the advent of artificial ice was sold in the campidano up to the whole the summer.

This Canyon is characterized by numerous short waterfalls here the central section is described where we find the sportfully more interesting trait.

Our excursion takes place entirely in the territory of Aritzo which occupies a central position in the Barbagia of Belvì and is inserted in the middle of a chestnut and hazelnut wood.

Discover the hidden and wild side of nature in the heart of Sardinia.

Go Canyoning, Be Wild!

Technical Data:

  • Level: Available Easy or Medium

  • Duration: HALF DAY (about 4 hours)

  • Max. Jump: 4mt (not obligatory)

What do you bring:

  • Swimsuit

  • Closed Shoes (running/trek/sneckers)

  • Towel and sunscreen

Meeting data:

  • Cantoniera Cossatzu, 08031, Aritzo NU,

  • Starting time: 9:30 am

  • Included: wetsuit, socks, complete harness, helmet, lifejacket* (*just if you don’t able to swim)

Exclusive Tour (2 pax)

€ 150 for person

Regular (3+ pax)

€ 70 for person


Bau Alase is suitable for children from 12 years accompanied by an adult.